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Li Hailong lawyer graduated from Pingdingshan Military Medical School of Jinan Military Command, Chinese People's Liberation Army on July 1, 2001 and he was the chairman of the Student Union of the school. He was awarded the Bachelor of Law by China University of Political Science and Law on July 15, 2015 by self-taught study. Li Hailong lawyer was Legal Counsel for English Translation in China for a company in New York, the United States. He has maintained a presence in the military, political and law industries for more than twenty years. Li Hailong lawyer has always kept in mind and strived for the goal of “letting the people to feel fairness and justice in each judicial case”, said by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

LiHaiLong’s lawyer team has extraordinary legal theory and practical experience and is confident of “Hua Tuo”in the lawyer circle. Li Hailong’s lawyer team has Chinese government resources and legal background . Has successfully dealt with , the international sale of goods contract disputes 、foreign contract fraud and so on major complex and difficult cases .

Has Been Deeply Engaged In Criminal Defense For More Than 10 Years, Focusing On Bail Pending Trial and Probation.