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Hailong Li, was graduated in Ping Dingshan Military Medical School of Jinan Military Area of Chinese People's Liberation Army.  I was the president of student union there. I studied Law in Guangdong radio and TV University with connection of universities and colleges, and was the monitor then. I got the bachelor of law degree from China University of Political Science in July, 2015 and became the registered lawyer .  【More】

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房产买卖合同重要条款的解读 (1)关于房屋面积方面的条款。   商品房以建筑面积计算房款,建筑面积由套内建 ...【More】

2017-10-14 14:52:03 企业法人与公民个人之间合伙的法律效力问题

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企业法律顾问应如何定位 企业法律顾问应如何定位   我国的企业法律顾问制度从无到有,经历了长期的发 ...【More】

2017-10-14 14:52:37 公司和股东人格混同的法律风险防范