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Hailong Li, was graduated in Ping Dingshan Military Medical School of Jinan Military Area of Chinese People's Liberation Army.  I was the president of student union there. I studied Law in Guangdong radio and TV University with connection of universities and colleges, and was the monitor then. I got the bachelor of law degree from China University of Political Science in July, 2015 and became the registered lawyer .  【More】

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行政机关对举报仅作出告知性答复,具有可诉性!   最高人民法院指导案例77号于2016年12月28日发布:对罗镕荣诉吉安市物价局物价行政处 ...【More】

2018-07-13 15:31:04 行政机关负责人必须出庭应诉吗?


法点释义-正当防卫 正当防卫:是指防卫人为了使本人或者他人人身、财产和其他权益免受正在进行的不法侵害 ...【More】

2023-12-02 09:25:27 刑事辩护的价值